Ceiling treatments in gold chiffon and red LED up-lights. Photo and drapes by W Drapings.

Ceiling treatments in gold chiffon and red LED up-lights. Photo and drapes by W Drapings.

Our History

Owner Ernesto Weitz Mottola was involved in the interior design and custom remodeling business for residential and commercial clients since the late 1980s, when he and his family were still living in Venezuela, their native country. In the year 2002, they decided to leave everything behind and moved to Florida in search for a better and brighter future. Moving countries was not an easy task; it took a lot of courage and hard work (including taking up a few jobs not exactly related to their field of expertise.) After working a few months at a local bakery, Ernesto found a job at a prominent hotel on International Drive in Orlando, where he trained under Frank Erwing -- a master in draping -- at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

This experience allowed Ernesto to dive into the wedding and special events industry, and quickly realized that his experience in interior design was influencing the draping designs he was doing for events. So, after dedicating several years to the hotel industry, Ernesto decided to establish W Drapings to offer custom chiffon draping services across Central Florida.

None of the business success of W Drapings could have been possible without the help of Ernesto's wife, Jenny Ann. Their marriage of 37 years (and counting!), has been a true example of trust and perseverance. A creative woman, with an eye for style and skills ranging from painting and sculpture, to interior design and fashion merchandising, Jenny Ann is the one in charge or making all of your custom draping orders; measuring, cutting, and sewing the material for your event--all handcrafted, and made-to-size.

Another key member of the company from the beginning is their daughter, Jenny Lynn, whom has been part of the business to ensure that W Drapings delivers the best service to every single client. With a degree in art and design from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Jenny Lynn is in charge of all marketing and communications for W Drapings. And even though she lives in Houston, Texas, she has been able to handle her responsibilities remotely all these years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy our clients and impress their guests at weddings and special events by providing a magical experience through custom chiffon drapes. Our top-quality drapes set the tone and atmosphere for a magnificent event, transforming spaces into elegant venues for all guests to remember.

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